My english teacher is a boring bint and wouldnt let me use the loo (what if i’d have pissed myself?!!?) but cleared things up with emily which was nice and refreshing lol


First day back at school, my psychology teacher is the ‘young n fun’ try hard type but my textiles course sounds fucking fab 👍


Took lawrence for his job interview thing, then sat in elmhurst and met jordan and ben, such a good use of the last day of holiday


Met harris and ben at the chip shop (to laugh at the fact harris is doing work exp. in the co op) and then sat in the sun with mike and lawrence


Went to howards and it was it’s little brothers birthday so we had a water fight with him and i ended up sitting in his mums dressing gown for 3 hours waiting for my clothes to dry


Rekindled my love for misfits, watched 8 episodes today lol, hate feeling like i’m wasting the last few days of summer but literally no ones around


Went into town with my mum to buy some bits for school, one of the most mood-ruining things ever


Had to get a taxi home at 11:30 last night because had work at 8 this morning -__-

visited my mum at work and then went to howards


Everyone went camping in the woods, so got the bus up and stayed for a few hours was preetty mental, ate some uncooked chicken sausages off a metal stick for dinner :) and watched luke get pinned to the floor for attacking harris